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"Make Exercise a Lifestyle not a Chore"

 Julie Fisher

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      ” I believe exercise is a way of life. I want my clients to be healthy on the inside and out and have fun while achieving their physical goals. Working together, it’s important to guide them in bettering their functionality and quality of life as well as their self image.”

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About Julie

     Julie Fisher is a sought after Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor in NYC dedicated to helping people achieve their personal physical goals.  Growing up in Miami Florida as a young competitive swimmer then on to classical ballet and NYC, she 's had a lifetime involvement in movement. From the Miami Conservatory to the prestigious School of American Ballet, the Royal Academy of London, Joffrey Ballet, Connecticut Ballet Theatre and Boston Ballet she danced professionally until an injury shortened her career. Despite the life altering injury Julie didn’t let that stop her from staying strong and healthy and continuing her interest in body work and conditioning.

            Transitioning into the fitness industry with a B.S. in Health Education and a Minor In Dance, since 92’, Julie is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Romana’s Certified Pilates Second Generation Instructor, and Certified in Triad Ball Pilates, Pre & Post Natal fitness, MELT Hand & Foot, a Yoga TuneUp Practitioner, Tabata Boot Camp, Leverage training, Myofascial work and Certified in Nutrition Essentials.  Most recently she was one of the chosen instructors in the newly released book, "Starting Pilates-Featuring 21 Interviews with Top Instructors."  

             Her philosophy lies with the notion that the body is only as strong as its weakest link and for most, the smallest most crucial muscles are often the most ignored.  She has a keen awareness and a unique ability to observe a body's movement patterns and assess imbalances and needs thus, reconditioning problems of which some were never even aware. She believes proper training, opposing muscle group work and functional bodywork are imperative to achieve a healthy, energized well functioning body. So whatever your issues are Julie is determined to help improve those patterns and promote healthier ones. 

             Her clientele includes novice to advance, celebrity actors, professional athletes, coaches for the Redbulls Soccer Academy to gymnastic teams, dance schools and dancers from Joffrey Ballet, ABT, Miami City Ballet, the Gelsey Kirkland Academy, BAE and SAB amongst others. So whether 85 years young, pre & post-natal, overweight, adolescent, out of shape, increasing bone density, a triathlete, a professional snowboarder, a professional dancer, a soccer player, gymnast,  bride, preparing for surgery, rehab after surgery or improving your quality of life and feeling good about yourself inside as much as out, she is up for the challenge.  

          A true role model practicing what she preaches, standing as an example that dedication and a healthy sense of discipline can work.  Julie loves to teach and enjoys the journey with her clients and students as they advance and improve their health, well being and achieve their goals.  She especially loves to watch them grow and take an interest in what may have begun as a chore become a lifestyle.



B.S. Health Education, Minor in Dance

American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer

American Council on Exercise Group Fitness Instructor 

Romana’s Pilates (2nd Generation Instructor) 

Former Professional Ballet Dancer

Function Training Specialist 

Pilates Triad Ball

Pre & Post Natal 

MELT Hand & Foot

Certified Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball Practitioner

Myofascial Release

Tabata Boot Camp

Leverage Training


Strength Ball 


Equinox Fitness Training Institute

Yoga fit 



Do it for Yourself
About Julie


Which one is right for you? 

Having a BRILLIANT BODY includes how you eat, drink, move, walk, sit, stand, sleep and live your life as well as how you exercise. 

Making healthy, smart, informed choices can help you get there and stay there.

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Ankle Strength/Balance Work

Reshape/Lengthen legs

Back Strength

Turnout Strength

Partnering Strength

Help with Hyperextension





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Full Apparatus System

Mat/Magic Circle

Triad Ball/Arm Weight Series

Do it for Yourself 

Testimonials what they say....

“Starting pilates with Julie in 2009 was one of the best things I've ever done for myself! As a professional athlete, it's important for me to not only train the most basic muscle groups but the smaller, connective muscles that support them. Working with Julie has made such a huge difference in my snowboarding. I'm so flexible now that grabs that used to give me trouble have become a breeze! My posture has improved, I have definition in my lower abs, and my balance is better than ever before.  Julie is the best. Period.“     

Meesh Hytner

Pro Snowboarder

“As someone who's been a competitive bike racer for 20 years, I understand the importance of core strength and integrity, as invariably, muscle imbalances occur over time. Julie is an expert teacher with an incredibly sharp eye and a wealth of knowledge  behind it. Her incorporation of exercises for seemingly minor muscle groups into her classes has had a profound effect on my spine, 'turning back the clock', as it were, a decade or two on a balky low back. This regenerated confidence in my core is a direct result of the time I've spent under her direction.”     

Rob G.

Body Conditioning student

“Weight training is the most efficient way to break down muscle tissue, which forces it to repair itself and grow stronger,” says Julie Fisher Trainer

InStyle Magazine

“As a professional dancer and fitness professional, I was floored by Julie's insight into my own  shortcomings. Her Pilates class was wonderful and something I realized I need to incorporate into my own weekly regimen as often as possible. Julie's knowledge of the body was nonpareil, and her acute eye and compassionate approach to teaching only made me strive for more in myself, and embrace the moment all the more. If you're contemplating dropping a part of your exercise course and picking something else up in its place, I highly recommend Julie.” 

Tyler I.

Professional Ballet Dancer & Fitness Pro

“Julie is a wonderful teacher. I have learned so much about fitness and body control since starting to work with her. Still more to go but I am enjoying the trip and looking forward to where I will be in yet another year.”

Oscar G. MD Cardiology

Pilates client

“The thing about Julie is that she works with ALL body types and she doesn’t judge anyone.  I noticed in my first class with her that she got everyone to do the exercises and didn’t act like they couldn’t if they were over weight or a beginner and because of that I decided to work with her privately. She never makes anyone feel “bad” about their weight or body issues, she is so supportive in that respect and thats why I love her!” 

Perez C.

Personal training client

“Prior to my training with Julie I didn’t understand the benefits of Pilates.”

Susan B.

Pilates client

“Your class has given me so much strength, inspiration, and peace. My body has changed and my mind is clearer than ever.”

Kate W.

Body Conditioning Student

“Immediately, I recognized an individual who was competent in all respects.”

Berger S.

Personal Training client

“My body turned from bricks to spaghetti - Julie is the real thing!!” 

David N.

Personal Training client

“Julie is an amazing trainer. Julie helped me get motivated, lose weight, and increase my flexibility. I didn’t enjoy exercising before I started working with Julie; she has turned me into a regular AND that includes going through 2 pregnancies under her guidance!" 

Daliz P

Pilates & Personal training client

“I've been working out with Julie for years, and for the first time I've found an exercise regime that I really enjoy. I have seen benefits both in weight loss and strength gain, and the exercise really helped me prepare for and recover from childbirth. Julie is always cheerful, always helpful, always encouraging, and I would highly recommend her.”

Martha E.

Pilates & Personal training client

“While walking along the treacherous New York sidewalk my toe got caught in a crevice.  Suddenly, yet in slow motion, I saw myself falling on my face without my arms prepared to brace me. To my surprise I felt myself pulling up and away from the sidewalk and not crashing down on it. A passerby stopped to congratulate me on my remarkable recovery.  ‘Ah, I said, the power of pilates’. Thanks Julie.”

Lu-Anne C.

Pilates client

“Julie is one of those few Pilates teachers that you find and is just brilliant and knows exactly what you need to work on and how she's going to do it. Having that hour session I sweated beyond belief and I knew I would feel my abs in the morning no doubt! I was so fortunate to have Julie Thank you.” 

Charlotte G.

Professional Ballet Dancer

“I just had my 3rd baby, working with Julie has really changed the shape of my body. I feel stronger, my posture is improved and I feel more fit. I’ve been working with Julie for 3 months and I've already achieved my pre-pregnancy weight goal and more importantly, I feel healthy and am proud of what I’ve accomplished!”

Elaine W.

Pilates client

“Her secret: supervision. Twice a week, Kim (Coles) meets with L.A. personal trainer Julie Fisher to hike in nearby canyons or to do cardio and weight work in a local gym.“

Rosie Magazine

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     An A.C.E. certified Personal Trainer since 1992 Julie received her first education as a trainer at the Vertical Club on the east side of Manhattan. Taught by competitive body builders, she was taken under their wing, and taught the ropes by the “heavyweights.”  As their top trainer she was asked to open the 2nd Vertical club before moving to the prestigious Equinox Fitness club.  

     In 1997 she went out on her own with private clientele throughout NYC as well as LA for 4 years.  Over the years she has trained the average person looking to improve their fitness level to CEO’s with heart conditions, triathletes, pro snowboarders, gymnasts, pre & post natal women, golfers, dancers, teens and preteens, 80+ with chronic osteoporosis, the multitudes with back/knee/neck/shoulder injuries, those with sport specific goals, living with or surviving cancer, pre & post surgery and rehab from Lupus.

     Putting the clients needs and aspirations first adds a level of commitment and gain in results when working with a private trainer and Julie makes that a priority.  

     She remains current in the fitness world and is constantly continuing her education. Her work is precise and specific to each of her clients with personal tailored workouts unique to their needs and goals and help them maintain a pain free, strong, flexible active body and life.


     What is Pilates?  Born in Germany in 1880 Joseph Hubertus Pilates created a system originally named “Contrology” as “a complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.”  He was a master beyond his time and created a system of movement including 100’s of precise exercises both for the floor and for uniquely designed apparatus using springs for resistance.  Practicing Pilates one ultimately gains strength, flexibility, power and suppleness throughout the entire body hence “gaining the mastery of your mind over the complete control of your body." 

     Julie’s Pilates training began at age 13 with Pilates’ elder Carola Trier while studying at the School of American Ballet.  After her passing she continued her studies with many other Pilates pioneers, such as Robert Fitzgerald, Peter Vaillancourt and eventually to Sari Meija Santo and Romana Kryzanowska with whom she ultimately received her Romana's Pilates Certification making her a Second Generation Pilates Instructor. 

     Practicing Pilates since the 80’s enables Julie to understand the system and transfer her knowledge to a variety of populations and physical needs for both men and women. Recently she was a chosen teacher for the newly released book, "Starting Pilates-Featuring 21 Interviews with Top Instructors." 

     Joseph Pilates was ahead of his time and almost 90 years later  Julie assures that in keeping with the traditional/classical teachings one can see and feel how Pilates can correct and improve your entire body to help you feel and look better too. 


     A former professional dancer; by age 15 she joined the Miami Ballet, one of the first and most prestigious regional ballet companies in the country.  During those years she studied at the prestigious School of American Ballet, the Royal Academy of London (with teachers from the Kirov, Bolshoi, Paris Opera and Royal Ballet), the Joffrey Ballet School, Connecticut Ballet Theatre and Boston Ballet until an injury shortened her career. 

     Julie has a particular talent working with dancers. Her own supplemental training began with Pilates at age 13 while at the School of American Ballet in NYC. She continued over the years to study many different forms of bodywork including Zena Rommett’s floor barre in which she can be seen in the original first released video. 

     Her strategies and specific exercise assignments have a direct relationship to the principles of  all kinds of dance and movement.  She has taught ballet in New York and California and worked with a wide variety of dancers from the American Ballet Theater, New York City Ballet, Miami City Ballet, Hubbard Street, Ballet West, Frankfurt Ballet, as well as the Joffrey Ballet School, the Gelsey Kirkland Academy, American Dance Theater Workshop, Harkness Dance Center and BAE. 

     She has a strong kinesthetic awareness enabling her to breakdown movement and proper alignment in order to help improve technique as well as strengthen specific weaknesses. Her passion for teaching is backed by a continued love for dancers making supplemental training key in keeping them strong so their bodies are able to handle the discipline and dedication involved in the art and guiding them with a healthy lifestyle to maintain a long lasting injury free career.

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"Make Exercise a Lifestyle not a Chore"

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